1. Tao Phylosophy - Who am I - Know thyself June 10th Speaker Scott

Please find below the PowerPoint and Audio files of the event held on June 10th. There will be follow up talk on Sunday July 8th.

Who am I - Know Thyself    PowerPoint link of the teachings

Who am I - Know Thyself    Audio file


Tao Te Ching - Chapter Twenty-five
Something is formed in the chaos, which existed before heaven and earth. 
It is quiet and profound. It stands alone and alters not.

It revolves eternally without exhaustion. 

It is regarded as the Mother of all beings. 
I do not know Its name, except to call It Tao. 
When forced to give It a name, I would call It “the Great.” 
The Great is far-reaching. 
Far-reaching is infinite. 
Infinite is to return to the self-sufficient origin. 
Therefore, Tao is great, heaven is great, earth is great, and so is the true-self. 
There are four greatness in the universe, and true-self is one of them. 
Man models the Way of earth; 
Earth models the Way of heaven; 
Heaven models the Way of Tao; 
Tao models the Way of nature